Monday, January 19, 2015

Pitch Day Reflection

The pitch day presentation was something that I think I would do again. It was better than presenting in front of a class full of students staring at you. Also, the pitch day presentation went like I expected it would. Pitch day allowed me to meet new people and it allowed me to not be so scared and nervous because I was only presenting to two people at the most. That help to calm some of my nerves.

If I could have worked on something a bit more I think it would be how I incorporated my visual aid within my presentation. I didn't do the best with that but that was also another thing, my audience didn't know what to expect because everyone was different. They didn't know if I messed up or forgot to say something because they weren't there during the rehearsal. I really liked this pitch day thing but one thing that I would change is the whole genius hour. I didn't like how the whole process was organized, and I think that it shouldn't have been once every week.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Questions to ask a professional

Me :Ok, thanks so much. I have some questions to ask about cosmetology.
*(they respond)*
Me :Ok. The first question is, as a cosmetologist,do you do more than one thing. Like do you style hair one day and then do cutting or coloring the next?
*(they respond)*
Me: The next question that I have is if you are a hairstylist, do you have to buy your personal products for your clients or does your company supply the for you?
*(they respond)*
Me: My last question that I have is how long does the training to get the basics down and then go into the work field?
*(they respond)*
Me: Ok, thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! Have a good day!
*(they respond)*
my thoughts about this process were going everywhere. I didn't know what questions to ask and how to ask them in order to sound professional. I think that I will have to contact more than one place because they are each different and my answers could change from place to place. I think that the most important information that I will need to know is how the vibe is when I am actually going into the work field.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Research Answers for my Cosmetology Questions

I found some of my answers while researching things about cosmetology. I didn't know where to really start so I just typed in the word "cosmetology" into Google to see what would come up. A whole bunch of schools around the country came up and their location. Some websites that came up also tell the reader what the definition of a cosmetologist is and their annual salary. Some things I found on the web weren't relevant to my questions and to what I was looking for, but I still wrote it down.

In addition to, I found some things I found that I didn't even know about cosmetology. The real actual definition is the professional skill of practice of beautifying the face, hair, and skin. Some other facts that stood out to me were that you need to pass an exam for state license and you can start when you are only 16. Some tactics that might come in handy are to be customer friendly and to be creative. Make something new! Think outside of the box! The last really appealing fact that I found while researching was that they make about $10.51 an hour! But only $22,700 per year (depending on your skill level) and it's only a part-time job. So, I might have to find another small job depending on my skill.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Finding My Way to Cosmetology

While researching my passion,cosmetology, I would like to find out the professional definition, how long it would take to be in college, and their yearly income. My English academic goals are to become better with my writing skills and to read more/read higher level books. To find out more about my interest, I might want to consider contacting a local hair/nail salon to find out what their life is like in the real cosmetology world. Some questions that I would want to ask a real life cosmetologist are something like, "do you ever get to do men's hair, and if so, how is it different from doing women hair, but if not, would you like to consider doing men's hair?" Another one might be, "is it hard to make relationships with your customers?" "what visual appeals do you give to your styles that make people say, 'wow, that's amazing!?'" "what is your favorite thing to do in the cosmetology world..cutting, coloring, styling?" The last question is, "do you, yourself, create new styles or do you get them offline/learned them in school?"

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Passionate about hair styling

My passion is to become a hair stylist/cosmetologist. My passion will help and improve people and their self confidence. Also, this passion gets very good compliments if you do it right and it looks nice. My purpose for doing this is to get better/learn new things about this topic. I've been told that with my kind of hair, I always manage to make it look nice, somehow, someway.  I am passionate about cosmetology/hair styling because I always want my hair and face to look the best, even though sometimes that doesn't happen all the time. And maybe, one day, if I have a daughter, or even a son, I will want their hair and face to be perfect all the time because by then, I will becoming better and better by the day.